Young people interested in politics are finding that they can be heard and that they can make a difference.

Politically, UKIP is a broad based centrist Party which believes that we should get back our democracy from the EU and build a better Britain.

We are proud to be patriotic but we utterly reject the politics of nationalism, extremism or racism.


  • Ethical migration

    EU free movement of mostly unskilled labour is holding down wages and threatening British jobs.
    It is unsustainable to welcome 330,000 more people into the UK every year whilst cutting spending on Education and other public services.

    UKIP will implement a fair to all migration policy to reduce rates of net migration to that which can be accommodated by jobs, housing and public services.

  • Education

    It is wrong that the 7% of students who are privately educated get 50% of top jobs.
    UKIP will restore equality of opportunity by creating Grammar Schools so that talented people can get the free education that they need.

    Apprentice alternative to non-core GSEs

    Free tuition fees for approved Degree courses.

  • Lower Taxes

    UKIP will raise the tax threshold to the level of the Minimum Wage anticipated to be £13,000 p.a. in the next Parliament.
    Unlike the unfunded tax cuts promised by other parties, this tax cut will be funded by cancelling our EU membership subscription of £10bn. net (plus adjustments) per year.

  • No foreign wars

    Wars in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan have cost hundreds of thousands of mostly innocent lives, the British taxpayer £65bn. and left those countries in utter political chaos.
    As a result of "helping" these countries, Britain is a more dangerous place because we are now seen by many groups as "the enemy".

    UKIP believe that the Arab world need to take primary responsibility for resolving Arab problems.

You can see more UKIP Policies on the UKIP main web site.

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