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Brexit - just in time!

A Comment by Leslie Kaye

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker delivered his State of the Union 2017 speech on 13 September, endorsed by Macron and Schulz.

  • An EU Finance Minister with fiscal and monetary union for all member states by 2025.
  • A European Parliament with MEPs from transnational lists of pan-EU political parties approved and funded by the EU. The Commission will effectively own the Parliament.
  • One president of the Commission and the Council silencing dissent from heads of state.
  • The elimination of national veto. The use of 'passerelle clauses' in the Lisbon Treaty to change the EU constitution without reference to the member states.
  • A full EU defence union by 2025. The European army, dismissed by Nick Clegg and others as a fantasy is now becoming a reality.

See the response to the speech by Nigel Farage [YouTube]

The federal goal of the EU cannot be stopped. The federalist mentality is woven into the fabric of every law and every institution. First driven on by those who saw the elimination of the nation states as a means to achieve peace and latterly by those who see it as a means to achieve power.

The UK will survive long after the richer nations of the EU have been stripped of their wealth to fund the debts of the poorer regions. We will prosper long after the EU member states have been broken up to become a collection of anonymous administration regions in a corrupt totalitarian superstate.

Not only am I absolutely delighted that we voted Leave last year but suggest that any future UK referendum could not possibly be won by Remain.

Be a Councillor!

Solihull Council Elections May 2019

It is crucial to break the Conservative Party control of Solihull Council to preserve our quality of life.

  • Reverse the downgrades of Solihull Hospital. A town of our size needs a hospital which offers the right variety and mix of services for the twenty-first century
  • Jobs and affordable housing for local people not for big city overflow.
  • Protect the Green Belt from Tory demands for 1,000 additional new houses every year to be built in the Borough.
  • Better public services and support for our elderly and sick.
  • Cut complacency, waste, fraud and inefficiency.


Millions of people have voted for UKIP in recent elections and we now have councillors all around the country - improving democracy in their local government, saving taxpayers' money, rolling up their sleeves, working hard and serving the people. You can be confident that if you vote UKIP, you'll get UKIP. We are the only party being honest about immigration, jobs and housing; the only party offering a real alternative.

UKIP Local Manifesto

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