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UKIP is the only UK Party resisting Political Correctness

What you need to know about Critical Theory, Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism

David Kurten is UKIP Education spokesman and London Assembly Member

and a broader view of our universites and education system

David Kurten's anti SJW speech UKIP conference 2017

Bite-size Critical Theory

In the 1920s the European communists created the Frankfurt School. There they analysed the "success" of the Bolshevik Revolution against the failure of similar uprisings in in Germany, Italy and Hungary. They concluded that their failure in the West was to do the stability of European institutions and the strong moral code and Christian values of the proletariat. They developed a strategy to undermine these things comprising a "sword" in the form of "Critical Theory" and a "shield" in the form of political correctness.

Critical Theory endeavours to turn Marxian criticisms of capitalist society into a Science. "Critical" means pitting the Oppressed against the Oppressor, Making Blacks critical of Whites, Women critical of Men, Workers critical of Bosses, Poor critical of the Rich and generally stirring up proletariat discontent.

Political Correctness was developed to undermine morality and Christian values by shouting down their defenders.

In this way the Marxists hope to undermine Western society and replace it with their Communist utopia.

Be a Councillor!

Solihull Council Elections May 2019

It is crucial to break the Conservative Party control of Solihull Council to preserve our quality of life.

  • Reverse the downgrades of Solihull Hospital. A town of our size needs a hospital which offers the right variety and mix of services for the twenty-first century
  • Jobs and affordable housing for local people not for big city overflow.
  • The North Solihull Partnership regeneration project is a failure on all metrics. Demand to know why
  • Protect the Green Belt from Tory demands for 1,000 additional new houses every year to be built in the Borough.
  • Better public services and support for our elderly and sick.
  • Cut complacency, waste, fraud and inefficiency.


Millions of people have voted for UKIP in recent elections and we now have councillors all around the country - improving democracy in their local government, saving taxpayers' money, rolling up their sleeves, working hard and serving the people. You can be confident that if you vote UKIP, you'll get UKIP. We are the only party being honest about immigration, jobs and housing; the only party offering a real alternative.

UKIP Local Manifesto

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